Client Login

<% if request.form("dologout") = "true" then Session("userlogin")="" response.write "
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" end if function ValidateLogin(xuserID,xpassword) Dim FSObject Dim LoginFile Set FSObject = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set LoginFile = FSObject.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath(txtName),1) ValidateLogin = False While Not LoginFile.AtEndOfStream line=LoginFile.ReadLine lines_txt = Split(line,"|") c_xuserID = lines_txt(0) c_xpassword = lines_txt(1) redirectpath = lines_txt(2) if xuserID=c_xuserID and c_xpassword=xpassword Then Session("userlogin")=c_xuserID response.redirect siteroot & vt_auth_folder & "/" & redirectpath End if Wend LoginFile.Close Set LoginFile = Nothing Set FSObject = Nothing End function Dim xError If Request.form("Login").Count <> 0 Then user=Request.Form("userid") pass=Request.Form("userpass") if ValidateLogin(user,pass) = False Then xError = "
Invalid User ID or Password

Please re-enter your details

" End if End if %>
Welcome to the client login facility which is free and available to all clients with on-going matters. This service enables you to access information on your file at a time convenient to you on-line via our password protected secure system.

Please login using the username and password supplied to you.